Flurotech Provides Development Update on Biomarking and Initates Patent Process

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Flurotech Ltd. has made material developments related to the company's proprietary biomarker technology for cannabis and hemp plant cultivation and tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol extract oils.

Flurotech's plant biologist, Dr. MacMillan, and a team of nanoscientists, recently completed proof of concept that the company's water-based biomarker is being taken up through the root system of cannabis and hemp plants, so that the nanoparticles are absorbed throughout the plants leaves, stems and buds. Once absorbed, the biomarker can then easily be extracted, detected and quantified by the CompleTest system, Flurotech's spectroscopy-based technology. This process will allow for the testing and identification of organic and inorganic chemicals in biological samples derived from cannabis plants. This development, coupled with the previously announced proof of concept to specifically label cannabis oils, allows for the source of the cannabis to be tracked through the entire supply chain.

"Introducing the biomarker through the typical cannabis facilities system allows the plant roots to safely absorb the biomarker, and the plant matter to be efficiently marked. Flurotech anticipates current DNA marking technologies that utilize spraying will not be acceptable under future Health Canada's regulations," stated Dr. Elmar Prenner, chief technology officer at Flurotech. "We are confident that this proof of concept will put us in a position to provide the cannabis and hemp industries for the first time with a total 'seed-to-sale' tracking solution."

The company has begun beta test preparation of the cannabis extract oil soluble biomarkers. Initially, the biomarkers will have 10 codes utilizing two different colours. These biomarkers will be added to the extract oil, then processed through an optimization sequence. The CompleTest system is able to test an extraction sample as well as decode the specific biomarker in order to identify the source of the oil.

"Legal cannabis markets around the world continue to express concern about black market production entering regulated systems. Regulators, responsible for consumer protection, have noted an increase in the number of these allegations. Legal growers need to protect their brands and reputation, which we believe creates an expanding market for our technology," commented Danny Dalla-Longa, chief executive officer of Flurotech. "Our biomarking technology will assist in the suppression of the illegal cannabis market and provide protection of proprietary strains for growers. A recent Scotiabank report estimates that Canada's black market will make up over 70 per cent of 2019 cannabis sales."

With the recent biomarking developments, the company has initiated the patent process. Additionally, Flurotech is in continuing discussions with government officials and potential joint venture partners to determine the best path to commercialization.

About Flurotech Ltd.

Flurotech is a technology and marketing company whose core business is focused on the commercialization of new technologies in the cannabis industry. Flurotech's proprietary spectroscopy-based technology allows for the testing and identification of organic and inorganic compounds contained within biological samples. Using the technology that was developed at the University of Calgary, Flurotech has developed a two-part solution comprising an instrument called the CompleTest and consumable testing kits.

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